Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences


Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a comprehensive agricultural research wholly-government-sponsored institution, which was established in 1958. It locates in Yantai city, Shandong Province, covered an area of 120 hectares. There are 409 employees and 201 working staffs. Among all the working staffs, there are 156 researchers, including 27 research professors, 33 senior agronomists, 74 Agronomists, 18 Doctor and 68 Master. In Academy, there are 15 research institutes, including wheat, apple, sweet cherry, pear, sweet potato, vegetable, flower, grape and grapevine, corn, small fruit, corn, plant protection, peanut and tea, which research fields covered breeding, cultivation, plant protection, soil and fertilizer, agricultural products testing, biotechnology, information, etc. Its strategic task is to serve Yantai agricultural and rural development with sciences and technology.

Many national centers were built in Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, such as National Apple Breeding Center, National fruit quality supervision & testing center, National Apple, wheat, pear, grape, sweet potato, vegetable and peanut Experiment Station of Agricultural Ministry, Engineering research center of Sweet potato by Shandong province, Grapevine varieties engineering laboratory of Shandong province. Post doctoral research workstation, academician workstation, Yantai international apple breeding center, Yantai apple engineering technology research center are also built in Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

In 2013, Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Yantai University reached an agreement to jointly build Agricultural College of Yantai University. 25 professors worked in Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences were identified as master student supervisors of Agricultural College, Yantai University. About 15 master degree candidates majoring in fruit, flower, vegetable and wheat are recruited and cultivated every year.

There are some service platforms in Academy, including Yantai agricultural exposition garden, 《Yantai Fruit》magazine, The fair of Yantai fruit seeding and agricultural production material. More than 5,000 technological back bones and 20,000 farmer technicians were trained by scientists and technicians. The scientists built good relationship with more than 50 agricultural leading enterprises, more than 1000 agricultural cooperatives, family farms and plantations. 2, 200 experimental demonstration bases have built in different province. New varieties and new technologies applied 4 million hectares and increased 60 billion Yuan for farmers every year. We have built good relationships with national agricultural universities and other agricultural research institutions, international cooperation relationships with more than 20 countries and international organizations.

Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences team in UNISON project

Jiang Zhongwu

Vice-President of Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences
email: jiangzhongwu@163.com
phone: 008613606459172, 00865356352121

Jiang Zhongwu, Vice-president of Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, ph.Doctor degree. Professor. Taishan scholar talents  of Shandong Province. The chief of National Apple Breeding Center. He Successively undertaken 28 subjects. 18 new apple varieties were  approved  by Shandong provincial agricultural government. More than 80 papers and 3 books were published.

Song Laiqing

The director of apple research institute of Yantai Agricultural Academy. ph.Doctor degree. Deputy Professor. The chief of Yantai International apple breeding center.

email: jiangzhongwu@163.com
тел.: 008613606459172

6 new apple varieties were  approved  by Shandong provincial agricultural government. More than 50 papers and 2 books were published. He has visit Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland in past few years.