Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University


TeSaU offers three levels of education on five faculties. We have the long lasting relation with the Business sector. Business administration program is offered on the faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Law. University contacts the business sector representative in the process of the updating the existing programs and follows their recommendation. On the base of the memorandums of Understandings our students are using opportunity to use the practical placement in different organizations which is the future employment perspective for them.

TeSaU team in UNISON project

Tamar Aslanishvili
(Head of International Relations office of TeSaU)
Project manager and Researcher trainer.
e-mail: ir.head@tesau.edu.ge
tel: +995 350271533
mob: +995 558 571491


Irma Shioshvili
( Rector of TeSaU)
Administrative support and Researcher trainer.
e-mail: rector@tesau.edu.ge
tel: +995 350273264
mob: +995 599194422



Nino Kakhashvili
( Head of PR office of TeSaU)
Technical Support and Administrative support.
e-mail: pr@tesau.edu.ge
tel: +995 350231100
mob: +995 593343326



Mzia Maisuradze
( Head of Administration of TeSaU)
Administrative support and Technical support.
e-mail: mzia_maisa@yahoo.com
tel: +995 350272614
mob: +995 599672172


Nana Rinkiashvili
( Dean of the faculty of Social Sciences, Business and law of TeSaU)
Researcher Trainer
e-mail: rinkiashvili@gmail.com
tel: +995 350233671, mob: +995 577778585